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MariElle is a  singer, songwriter,  presenter (content    creator  , script writer)  and voice over artist.  

The daughter of parents who are teachers and artists, Marielle carries music within her DNA.

She grew up playing with kites and climbing mango trees to the sounds of her parents’ bossa nova and jazz records in the city of Itu, in the interior of the state of São Paulo.

At the age of seven, she began to study theater and music.

She started her career as a singer when she was still a teenager, but the big city of São Paulo was where she began to turn this into a true profession.

At 25, she moved to São Paulo, where she graduated with a degree in scenic arts and also specialized in art therapy.

In the search for new professional horizons, she went to live in New York City, USA, where she could improve her knowledge of the English language as well as learn about other cultures.

Upon returning to Brazil, in São Paulo, with all of this new experience and acquired knowledge, Marielle, artist, composer, and musician launched her first EP “Beside me,” composed of four original tracks in English, and whose title track was chosen to be the theme for the advertising campaign of Gillette Venus.

However, Marielle never stops working and together with the maestro Rodrigo Petreca, began production of her new album “Ao Seu Lado.”

This album includes the special participation of friends such as: Zeca Baleiro, Marcelo Quintanilha, DJ Negralha (from the band O Rappa) and even American rapper Chad Harper.

This new album is composed of 12 tracks: six of which are in Portuguese and six in English, and while her album was still being completed, Marielle joined forces with smoKINGhouse to create a remix of her song “Beside me.” The result is a tropical deep house track that is addictive and highly danceable.


"Marielle's songs are international music with rich and sofisticate details. It is very difficult to find an artist like her. " 

- Marcelo Shida, (BR)

"It's rare to find an artist like Marielle. She writes and sings her own songs. Singing and writing, in english or in portuguese, it doesn't matter, her music brings some fresh air and nice fellings to this not very attractive music scenarium ."

- Ariel Henrique, Master Engeneer,  Mix e Technical Supervisor of the Digital Cinecolor (BR) . 

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